winter hair care routine

Hydrate and Shine: Hair Care for this Winter

Oct 17, 2023

Finally, the winters are arriving after a long, harsh summer. We all enjoy a good time basking in the sun, but boy! Oh boy! Summers make our hair crazy, frizzy, and greasy, ruining our entire hair care routine!

Winters are a blessing in disguise after the hot days of summer. But the cold winters come with their problems to create havoc in our lives, especially hair, skin, and the immune system. Well-hydrated, shiny, luscious, and bouncy hair makes one feel confident and healthy. Consider following a good winter hair care routine for maintaining healthy and shiny hair.

Frail hair in the winter

Frizzy hair is not just a summertime problem. Your hair can turn dry and frizzy even in the winter, too. The cold air outdoors and the warm indoors lead to dry hair, making your hair lacklustre and hair fall. 

Cold winters are brutal on our hair and skin as the humidity is almost nil in the winter, creating static electricity, which leads to split ends and frizzy dry hair. Check out biotin gummies for hair.

Winter hair care for bouncy, shiny, and luscious hair

hair care routine

Here are some hair care tips and tricks that will make your hair hydrated and shiny in no time.

Cover Up:

  • It is beneficial to cover up your hair and ears with a scarf or a beanie cap as they protect your hair and ears from dry hair.

  • Silk or satin scarves and caps are considered ideal for hair as they avoid friction and breakage of hair.

Shampoo Less:
  • Shampooing frequently and excessively is one of the reasons behind dry scalp and hair loss in the winter.
  • Shampooing can strip off the natural oils on your scalp, making the hair dry and brittle.
  • Dandruff is one of the most common worries of harsh winters. 
  • Use anti-dandruff shampoo containing active ingredients like salicylic acid and ketoconazole.
Deep Conditioning:
  • Dry air in winter can strip away the moisture and natural oils of your hair, which leads to the opening of the hair follicles, which causes hair fall.
  • Want to know how to control hair fall? Oil your hair regularly and massage your scalp for good circulation of blood.
  • Coconut, ghee, olive, and almond oil are great for a good hair and scalp massage.
  • Satin or silk pillow covers also help in hair fall control.
Lukewarm Showers:
  • A hot shower is therapeutic and relaxes the sore muscles but strips off the natural oils from your hair and skin.
  • The best hair care routine is to not use too hot water for your shower and hair wash.
Drink Water:
  • Water is one of the most necessary components of our hair.
  • Drinking water is essential to replenish moisture in your hair and body.
  • Hydration ensures that your hair is soft and supple with a lustrous shine.
  • Try gummies for hair, as they are an added benefit for shiny hair.
Biotin supplements:
  • The human body naturally produces biotin.
  • Biotin benefits the body significantly, as it helps to produce and maintain healthy nails, supple skin, and luscious hair.
  • Biotin vitamin cannot be stored in the body; hence, you need to keep replenishing it.
  • Including biotin-enriched food and supplements in your daily diet is crucial.
  • Biotin gummies are a great alternative if you are uncomfortable swallowing pills.
  • For an extra layer of protection, try taking hair growth gummies during the winter months, as they provide benefits for dry hair.
Dry your hair before you go out:
  • Heading out in the cold winter morning with wet hair can make you fall ill.
  • Damp hair becomes brittle and breaks in cold weather as it expands.
  • Dry your hair naturally before you head out in the cold.
  • Biotin hair gummies are a saviour during the months of winter as they work really great for the nourishment of hair, nails, and skin.
Avoid heat styling:
  • Since winter can weaken your hair, blow-drying can further destroy your hair by making it dry, brittle, and rough, which can cause breakage.
  • Naturally, air dry your hair to avoid damage to the hair strands and maintain the shine and lustre.
  • Maintain a hair care routine with no heat styling and harsh hair products.
Hair serums:
  • Add moisture to your hair using the appropriate hair serums.
  • Use a leave-in hair serum overnight, and you get to see excellent results the following day.
  • Hair serums with hydrating results like aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, hemp oil, and green tea.
  • Gently massage the hair serum into the scalp to improve circulation and promote healthy, soft, voluminous hair.
  • For an added benefit, try popping hair health gummies.

Regular trims help:

  • Getting regular hair trims helps in keeping the hair healthy and strong.

  • Did you know that hair grows well after trimming the ends? Try taking biotin gummies for hair growth if you feel that your hair growth is slow.

  • Trimming off the ends of hair avoids breakage and split ends.

  • So make sure that you trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain its strength and elasticity.

  • Try indulging in good haircare products specially made for harsh winters.

Cut down on hair colour:
  • Strictly avoid using harsh chemicals to colour your hair as these colourants and bleach lead to additional dryness and harm the roots and tips of the hair.
  • Hair colour can be a fun and exciting way to show off your personality, but avoid colouring your hair during the winter.
  • Follow a good winter hair care routine that is strictly for coloured hair.

Invest in a Humidifier:

  • It is a must to keep the indoors of your home warm and heated.
  • Investing in a humidifier will be an excellent choice as it adds moisture to the air.
  • This combats indoor air dryness and the dryness of your skin and frizzy hair.


Winter is that time of the year when everything feels dry and flaky. We can’t change the harshness of the seasons, but sure, we can change our hair care for the seasons for soft, bouncy, voluminous, and lustrous hair.